Jeux d’orgues created one of my favorite Silbermann sample sets.

This organ was originally built by Johann Andreas and Johann Daniel Silbermann for Le Couvent des Dominicains de Guebwiller, Alsace, France. During the French Revolution, the organ was moved to the Temple Protestant in Wasselonne, Alsace, France. The last restoration, performed by Gaston Kern (Hattmatt, Alsace, France), took place in 1991-1992.

Joseph Basquin did a fantastic job sampling this beautiful small organ. Unfortunately, the original sample set provides only one screen, which works perfectly for systems with one landscape monitor. I added support for dual screens (landscape and portrait). The resolution of the portrait screens is 4k  (2140 x 3940).

The extension has a new unique organ ID (001984). It will not touch the original installation. Therefore, you can use both installations side-by-side.