Holy Trinity Church Smecno, Czech Republic

Some time ago a friend brought my attention to a gem offered by Sonus Paradisi, the small renaissance organ at the Holy Trinity Church at Smecno in Czech Republic.

The sample set comes in two editions: an original and an extended sample set. The original sample set (one manual plus pedal) offers portrait screens, but for some reason, on my monitors, the screens are rotated by 90°. I don’t know whether Hauptwerk v3, for which the sample set was originally developed, handled portrait screens differently.

The extended version of the sample set (manual 1 = a Positiv located in the back of the organist, manual 2 = manual stops after restoration, and manual 3 = manual stops before restoration) has left and right landscape jambs, but corresponding portrait jambs are missing. I created an extension that adds these missing portrait jambs.

In addition, the pedal compass was extended from 27 to 30 keys (d1 to f1) using the original audio files.

The extension installs the additional graphics files in a new OrganInstallationPackages folder (001990) and an organ definition file (ODF) with a new UniqueOrganID (001990). Therefore, it does not touch the original installation.

This extensions works with Hauptwerk 4 and Hauptwerk V.