Saint Philip's ELCA Fridley, MA, USA

This organ was built by the Schantz organ company in 1983 as Opus 1711. It has 3 manuals and pedal, 46 stops and 43 ranks, and electro-pneumatic chests. The full stop list can be found here.

The organ was recorded at 24-bit/48kHz in 4 channels, but during production and testing the sample set producer found that the gentle acoustic of about 1.5~2 seconds of reverb really didn’t warrant the extra work of creating a surround version – the effect was not noticeable.  So, he instead chose to use a mix of the 4 channels to give a good impression of the space. A mostly dry version utilizing just the front 2 channels is available by special request for public installation or for those who want to add their own reverb.

This fine sample set is available from Evensong.