Sonus Paradisi has released version 2.21 of the famous Saint-Maximin sample set today. Since it includes now portrait screens, the Saint Maximin extension is no longer required. Users, who have installed the Saint-Maximin extension can safely uninstall it. However, since the extension used a different UniqueOrganID, all programming must be redone.

From the announcement:

“I [Jiri Zurek] published an upgrade to the St. Maximin sample set, version 2.21. The upgrade of this French Classical Model is important. It introduces the mixer tab into the sample set, with the usual sliders to adjust the volume of Front, Rear, Blower and Tracker noise. The mixer also has the Pipe Coupling slider, and an independent Pipe Detuning slider, which allows the user to set the amount of (quasi-)random mistuning of the organ pipes. Many users find some overall mistuning of the organ good for the realism of the sample set. The mixer also includes the “fine tuned mixtures” switch for those, who prefer to hear the organ perfectly in tune. The switch allows to select the mixtures and cornets samples for playback. Either the recorded natural samples are heard, often casually out-of-tune slightly (as it happens in all organs of the world), or the fine tuned samples are heard, where the beating of the mixture ranks was removed or minimized.

The sample set has got new dual stop jambs, in landscape and portrait orientations, for both, the original and the extended variants.”