Renatus Ltd.

Bideford, Devon, UK

Renatus Ltd. (Bideford, Devon, GB) offers a carefully tailored range of standard console designs ranging from small 2-manual tab consoles to 4- or 5-manual drawstop consoles.

  • The basic console is called ‘Winchester’.
  • The ‘Clayesmore’ console is similar to ‘Winchester’ but has a solid kneeboard and toe sweeps on it.
  • The ‘Charterhouse’ console has curved legs and built-in screen mounts (VESA).

Alternatively, Renatus’ advanced CAD and CNC machining facilities allow them easily to modify these models to suit individual needs. If desired, Renatus can design ab initio, using drawings or sketches, or by taking dimensions from an existing example.

All consoles are built to the relevant dimension standards, such as RCO, AGO or BDO. Various keyboard types can be chosen, e.g. Fatar or UHT.

Finishing can be carried out to any requirements with wood dyes for coloring and lacquer or oil to finish. Where finishing is undertaken all cabinets are given a wax polish to complete the process.

Where required consoles can be fitted with drawstops, keyboards, pistons, and other accessories. Renatus can even supply and install a combination action or transmission system to specification.

The stringent quality control procedures, combined with the experience of Renatus’ cabinet makers, ensure the highest quality craftsmanship.

Below examples of different types of Renatus 2-, 3- and 4-manual consoles are shown.

If you are interested in seeing my console (with UHT keyboards) or a simple 2-manual Winchester model (with Fatar keyboards) in action, or if you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

2-Manual Winchester Console

3-Manual Winchester Console

4-Manual Winchester Console

2-Manual Drawknob Console

3-Manual Charterhouse Console