Theater und Philharmonie (TUP) Essen


The sample set is encrypted and requires at least Hauptwerk™ V Advanced!

You will receive an email with a link to the download instructions immediately after the purchase. The total download is about 32 GB! The license key is sent in a separate email.

The sample set has many special and unique features, including:

  • Four channels (2 stereo channels) of chromatically sampled stop-by-stop pipes, including recorded tremulants for all Positiv and Schwellwerk stops.
  • All screens are optimized for single and dual touchscreens in landscape and portrait format in 4K resolution.
  • The sample set offers multiple photorealistic screens. The original organ has two consoles: a mechanical console on the balcony and a mobile console on the stage. Both consoles have been implemented as virtual screens. The landscape screen shows the mobile console, and the portrait screen the mechanical console. The photorealistic dual jambs also show the jambs of the mobile console (dual landscape screens) and the mechanical console (dual portrait screens).
  • Simple screens. Simple screens in both landscape and portrait orientation are available for single and dual-monitor systems.
  • The sample set offers modeled (all manual divisions) and recorded tremulants (Positiv and Schwellwerk).
  • The sample set adds two carefully selected transmissions to the pedal stops.
  • All 4 divisions are enclosed.


Prices include the German VAT. If you order from outside the EU the VAT will be automatically deducted.





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