2003 Dieter Ott Göttingen (Germany)

This sample set is produced by  Christian Datzko.
The extension is free, but donations to support further development are very welcome!

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The Ott-Organ is a beautiful tiny rehearsal instrument that was one of the first sample sets available for Hauptwerk™ published in 2004 by Christian Datzko. This tracker organ was built in 2003by Dieter Ott (Göttingen in Northern Germany). It originally has 5 Stops on a single manual (56 keys). The manual is always coupled to the pedal (30 keys). The stops are: Gedackt 8′, Rohrflöte 4′, Prinzipal 2′, Quinte 1 1/3′, and Oktave 1′.

The extension adds the following features:

  • A 16′ pedal stop (Gedackt 16′)
  • Stop action, key action, and blower noises (adjustable)
  • Addition of dual portrait and landscape jambs (with French stop names, artwork: Stéphane Royer)

This extensions works with Hauptwerk™ 4 and Hauptwerk™ 5+.