Krzeszów v4.0.0 Extension Released

The extension for the beautiful organ in Krzeszów was the very first sample set for which I created an extension some years ago.

On user request, I implemented tremulants for the Rückpositiv and the Brustwerk. These two tremulants can be only accessed via the extended screens and the simple screen.

This extension works with Hauptwerk 4 and V.

Enjoy this fantastic sample set!

I would like to thank Fabio Mancini for his tireless beta testing and help to voice the tremulants.


Krzeszów v3.1.2 Extension Released

Version 3.1.2 corrects two buggy folder names in the installation package and fixed some voicing errors in the Brustwerk Mixtura (046-A#).

1852 Simmons Organ of Los Altos United Methodist Church Released!

LAUMC Console Screen

Evensong today annouced the availability of the 1852 Simmons organ of Los Altos United Methodist Church for HW5.

Introductory price is $99 through March 31st, $129 thereafter.

Memory requirements:
16-bit compressed 1.7 GB
24-bit compressed 3.3 GB

An impulse response is included, recorded at the rear of the venue.

Hauptwerk Logo

Hauptwerk V v5.0.1 Released!

Version 5.0.1 has some important bug-fixes, compatibility fixes, and some minor improvements. If you have installed v5.0.0, then it is strongly recommend upgrading to it as soon as possible. If you haven’t installed v5.0.0 yet, but want to install v5, then please simply upgrade directly to v5.0.1 (without upgrading to v5.0.0 first).

IMPORTANT: Especially if upgrading directly from a pre-v5 Hauptwerk version (i.e. especially if you haven’t installed v5.0.0 yet), then please do make sure you read the ‘Upgrading or re-installing Hauptwerk’ installation in the main Hauptwerk User Guide (pages 25-29 — v5.0.1 version), which has some important steps to follow.

The installers can be found on the Hauptwerk website. Alternative download links are provided in the official Hauptwerk forum.

Unfortunately, the macOS version is still not notarized from Apple. For this reason you have to open the installer with right-click and “Open”. For further information how to open an app, which has not been notarized by Apple, please click here.

Website Updated

Today, March 3, 2020, I updated my website. I hope that the new layot improves readability, provides more intuitive interactions, and offers better accessibility. I will make further adjustments during the next couple of days. If you can provide me royalty-free images of the organs presented here I would be very grateful.

As there is always a certain chance that something goes wrong when updating a website (as we all learned from the Hauptwerk V update), please send me an email if you discover any unexpected behavior.

Aristide No. 1 v2.6.0 Released!

Today Aristide No. 1 v2.6.0 was released.

This updated addresses an incorrect repetition of the Fourniture V on the Bombarde division.

Hauptwerk Logo

Hauptwerk V v5.0.0 Released!

Today Hauptwerk V was released. Hooray! The Hauptwerk community waited eagerly for this release more than eight and a half years.

The main new features are:

  • An updated and vastly extended audio system.
  • Implementation of convolution reverb.
  • A new encryption system (iLok).

Smecno v1.0.0 Extension Released

Today an extension for Smecno was published.

Some time ago a friend brought my attention to a gem offered by Sonus Paradisi, the small renaissance organ at the Holy Trinity Church at Smecno in the Czech Republic. The sample set comes in two editions: an original and an extended sample set.

The original sample set (one manual plus pedal) offers portrait screens, but for some reasons, the screens are rotated by 90° on my monitors. I don’t know whether Hauptwerk v3, for which the sample set was originally developed, handled portrait screens differently.

The extended version of the sample set (manual 1 = a Positiv located in the back of the organist, manual 2 = manual stops after restoration, and manual 3 = manual stops before restoration) has left and right landscape jambs, but corresponding portrait jambs are missing. This extension adds these missing portrait jambs. Additionally, the compass of the pedal was extended from 27 to 30 keys (d1 to f1) using the original audio files.

The extension installs the additional graphics files in a new OrganInstallationPackages folder (001990) and an organ definition file (ODF) with a new UniqueOrganID (001990). Therefore, it does not touch the original installation.

Ott-Organ v1.0.0 Extension Released

The Ott-Organ is a beautiful rehearsal instrument, which was first published in 2004 by Christian Datzko. This tracker organ was built by Dieter Ott (Göttingen in Northern Germany) in 2003. It has initially 5 Stops on one manual (56 keys). The manual is always coupled to the pedal (30 keys). The original stops are Gedackt 8′, Rohrflöte 4′, Prinzipal 2′, Quinte 1 1/3′ and Oktave 1′.

The extension adds the following features:

  • A 16′ pedal stop (Gedackt 16′)
  • Stop action, key action, and blower noises (adjustable)
  • Addition of dual portrait and landscape jambs (with French stop names, graphics artist: Stéphane Royer)

Saint-Maximin v1.1.0 Extension Released

In order to facilitate manual handling the division labels function as ventils (Sperrventil) and may be used to mute an entire division quickly.