Dr. Mark Bugeja, MD, recently published an update for the Naxxar Malta Parish organ. The sample set was completely re-worked from new recordings done during lock-down (March 2020).

Mark was hoping for a miracle – and it happened, in a way he could have never imagined. The COVID-19 pandemic provided that opportunity to re-visit this organ and while the entire world stood still, and life held in pause, Mark visited the Santucci Organ taking much smoother recordings with minimal disruptions. Even the birds stopped whistling and no dogs barked. The opportunity was simply unique and could not be ignored. The result is a beautiful sounding instrument which Mark dedicates to everybody who suffered or died of the virus. May each hymn played on this organ, for better or worse, be a prayer to all the souls that were consumed by the pandemic, to all the workers at the front-line who selflessly put their own life in manifest danger to help those who were struck down by it and to all those who survived but lost loved ones.

This organ has just been released for GrandOrgue and for Hauptwerk. This will be the last set for Hauptwerk. Each download will allow for loading semi-dry (with no releases other than those in the main samples) or wet (by loading all releases).