Krzeszów Abbey, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

The Krzeszów sample set of Sonus Paradisi is a fantastic baroque sample set. Further information about the organ and the original sample set can be found here.

However, due to the photorealistic representation of the stops, the original sample set is somewhat difficult to use. The latest update (v1.40) adds portrait screens, which are still very uncomfortable to use, especially if the sample set is not played regularly.

Seven new screens with 12 new layouts in total have been added. The landscape layouts use the same resolution as the original sample set (1,000 x 1,500 px). The new portrait layouts are in 4k resolution with 2,160 x 3,940 px.

Since the original sample set is missing some “standard” couplers, (extended) layouts have been implemented to add these “missing” couplers. In these extended layouts, Calcantenglöckel, Windablass, Coupler 2, Coupler 3, Coupler 1ct, and Coupler 2ct have been exchanged with Coupler 1-P, Coupler 2-P, Coupler 3-P, Coupler 1-2, Coupler 3-2, and Coupler 1-3. The coupler noises are “borrowed” from other Krzeszów noises.

Starting from version 4.0.0 two additional tremulants for the Rückpositiv and the Brustwerk have been implemented.

The installation is straightforward: install (and un-install) the extension as any other sample set: Hauptwerk > File > Install organ or temperament … A new organ will be installed: Sonus Paradisi – Krzeszow Surround Extended.

The extension will not touch the original installation! A new UniqueOrganID will be installed in addition (Attention: the original Krzeszów sample set has to be installed!). The drawback of this approach is, that all controls (e.g. keyboards, pistons, etc.) have to be MIDI learned again.

This extensions works with Hauptwerk 4 and greater.