Version 3 provides now a total of six additional jambs in a single ODF (all jambs from version 1 and 2 plus one additional simple screen):

  • An extended single landscape screen (font: DIN Alternate Condensed),
  • Dual extended landscape and portrait screens (font: Vampire Calligraphy),
  • Dual plain (extended) landscape and portrait screens (font: DIN Alternate Condensed),
  • A simple (extended) screen with simple block graphics (font: Arial).

All extended jambs provide the above mentioned additional standard couplers. The extended single landscape screen, the dual plain screens and the simple screen are optimized for readability on screens of all sizes. Due to further internal optimizations, the memory footprint of all eleven screens is still less than 70 MB.

Recommendation: Please un-install all previous versions of Data 001981: Krzeszow Surround Extended and Organ: Krzeszow Surround Extended. But keep your settings! I made major internal changes. If you don’t un-install an earlier version, everything will work, but you may end up with orphan files, which only use space on your hard-drive.