Krzeszów Extension v1.0.0 Released

The Krzeszów sample set of Sonus Paradisi is an iconic baroque sample set. Further information can be found here.

However, due to the photorealistic representation of the stops, the original sample set is a little bit hard to use. Furthermore, it does not provide portrait modes.

Therefore I created 12 new screen layouts. The landscape layout uses the same resolution as the original sample set, which is 1,000 x 1,500 pixels. The new portrait layouts are in 4k resolution with 2,160 x 3,940 pixels.

As the original couplers are missing some “standard” couplers, I added an (extended) layout implementing these “missing” couplers. In these extended layouts, I exchanged Calcantenglöckel, Windablass, Coupler 2, Coupler 3, Coupler 1ct, and Coupler 2ct with Coupler 1-P, Coupler 2-P, Coupler 3-P, Coupler 1-2, Coupler 3-2, and Coupler 1-3. I “borrowed” the engagement and disengagement noises from other Krzeszów stop and coupler noises.

Installation is straightforward: just install (and de-install) the extension as any other sample set: *Hauptwerk > File > Install organ or temperament …* A new organ will be installed: **Krzeszow Surround Extended**.

The extension will not touch the original installation. A new UniqueOrganID will be installed in parallel (Attention: the original Krzeszów sample set has to be installed!). The drawback of this approach is, that all controls (e.g. keyboards, pistons, …) have to be programmed again.

I hope that this extension will help to make the fantastic Krzeszów sample set even more attractive as it is already.

Finally, I would like to thank Jiri Zurek for providing all of these amazing sample sets and allowing users, such as I am, to create extensions.