Evensong today announced the release of the Immanuel Presbyterian Los Angeles Aeolian-Skinner, op. 636 IV/63.

Immanuel Presbyterian, Los Angeles is one of the great churches on Wilshire Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles, California. The main church seats over 2,000 people. There are three organs on the campus. This 1927 EM Skinner (Opus 676), a 2 manual 1977 Hradetzky tracker action instrument, and a 1956 Schlicker (the first three-manual Schlicker to be installed in Southern California). A history of the church is available at https://immanuelpres.org/history/.

Clarence Mader was the organist at Immanuel Presbyterian from 1929 through 1966. He presided over the then brand new EM Skinner organ, and over the installation of the 1956 Schlicker in the Westminster chapel on the campus when the chapel was remodeled.

Unfortunately, due to significant demographic changes since its heyday in the mid 20th Century, the instruments have fallen into disrepair, and the church is serving its community in ways that don’t involve these fine instruments. Luckily Evensong was able to have preserved them for Hauptwerk.

The Chapel instruments (Hradetzky and Schlicker) are in very dry rooms and are recorded with 2 channels.  The Skinner is in a very large room and is offered with 6 channels.

The sample set includes three complete and separate instruments.  The instruments occupy completely separate spaces on the campus.  The Hradetzky and Schlicker each occupy a chapel, with the EM Skinner in the main sanctuary. Each is very different from the other and complements each other nicely. 

Further information about this iconic instrument can be found here.