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Temple Protestant, Wasselonne, Alsace, France

    • Information

      August 1, 2016

      Jeux d'orgues created one of my favorite Silbermann sample sets.

      This organ was originally built by Johann Andreas and Johann Daniel Silbermann for Le Couvent des Dominicains de Guebwiller, Alsace, France. During the French Revolution, the organ was moved to the Temple Protestant in Wasselonne, Alsace, France. The last restoration, performed by Gaston Kern (Hattmatt, Alsace, France), took place in 1991-1992.

      Joseph Basquin did a fantastic job on sampling this beautiful small organ. Unfortunately, the original sample set provides only one screen, which works perfectly for systems with one landscape monitor. I added support for dual screens (landscape and portrait). The resolution of the portrait screens is 4k  (2140 x 3940).

      The extension has a new unique organ ID (001984). It will not touch the original installation. Therefore, you can use both installations side-by-side.

    • Updates

      September 9, 2018

      Update: I just released a minor update (version 3.01), which addresses the below mentioned issue. "Purists" can now use the original compass without limitations. "Historic mode" now deactivates also the three extended keys of the coupler II/P (notes d#1-f1).

      September 9, 2018

      Today version 3.00 was released (version 2 never made it to the public). Version 3.00 implements two main updates:

      • 3D dual landscape and portrait screens, created with Blender 2.79b.
      • Pedal and manual compasses extended from 27 to 30 keys (pedal) and from 49 (25) to 56 (32) keys (manuals). Hauptwerk does a fantastic job creating these additional sounds. No additional audio files are required!

      The sample set has one hidden feature. If you tap the music board on the music screen, you can switch between original and extended compass. The two handles of the manual coupler on the console screen get a light golden glance, when the extended compass is activated. There is currently only one (minor) issue: if the extended compass is deactivated, the manual coupler still couples to the extended pedal keys. The extended compass is activated by default.

      September 4, 2018

      Sneak preview: I am currently working on 3D modeled dual jambs. The very fist version of the portrait screens is already implemented (see below).

      The 3D models were created with the free software Blender. This approach was inspired by Dr. Csaba Huszty from Inspired Acoustics. Inspired Acoustics has currently for my taste the most beautiful screens of all sample set producers.

      Finally, I would like to thank Andreas Groß from Pixelpoems.de for his fantastic support while working on this project. Without his tipps I would have never realized it.

    • Screenshots
      • Left Jamb Landscape
        Sant Andreu Apòstol, Santanyí, Mallorca, Spain
        Left Jamb Landscape
      • Right Jamb Landscape
        Sant Andreu Apòstol, Santanyí, Mallorca, Spain
        Right Jamb Landscape
      • Left Jamb Portrait
        Sant Andreu Apòstol, Santanyí, Mallorca, Spain
        Left Jamb Portrait
      • Right Jamb Portrait
        Sant Andreu Apòstol, Santanyí, Mallorca, Spain
        Right Jamb Portrait
      • Simple Screen
        Sant Andreu Apòstol, Santanyí, Mallorca, Spain
        Simple Screen
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      This extension is free!

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