Milan Digital Audio (MDA) today announced the availability of the next major Hauptwerk update — Hauptwerk VI v6.0.0.

Major improvements are:

  • The number of ‘favorite’ organ, combination set, and temperament slots has been increased from 32 to 64. 
  • ‘Favorite’ organ, combination set, and temperament list has been largely improved, including a new ‘utility functions menu’.
  • The combination system has been improved, e.g. the possibility to insert combinations has been added.
  • MIDI implementation has been improved. Logical MIDI ports can now be mapped to the physical MIDI ports.
  • The audio engine has been improved. A new “higher definition” mode has been added.
  • LEDs and pistons, which were configured as per-organ can now be configured as global.

A complete list of improvements and changes can be found in the Hauptwerk Release Notice.

The installers for macOS and Windows can be downloaded from the Hauptwerk website.

Unfortunately, the macOS version is still not notarized by Apple. For this reason, you have to open the installer with a right-click and “Open”. For further information on how to open an app, which has not been notarized by Apple, please click here.