Version 5.0.1 has some important bug-fixes, compatibility fixes, and some minor improvements. If you have installed v5.0.0, then it is strongly recommend upgrading to it as soon as possible. If you haven’t installed v5.0.0 yet, but want to install v5, then please simply upgrade directly to v5.0.1 (without upgrading to v5.0.0 first).

IMPORTANT: Especially if upgrading directly from a pre-v5 Hauptwerk version (i.e. especially if you haven’t installed v5.0.0 yet), then please do make sure you read the ‘Upgrading or re-installing Hauptwerk’ installation in the main Hauptwerk User Guide (pages 25-29 — v5.0.1 version), which has some important steps to follow.

The installers can be found on the Hauptwerk website. Alternative download links are provided in the official Hauptwerk forum.

Unfortunately, the macOS version is still not notarized from Apple. For this reason you have to open the installer with right-click and “Open”. For further information how to open an app, which has not been notarized by Apple, please click here.