First Congregational Church in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Sadly this iconic sample set is not available anymore.

The First Congregational Church in Los Angeles is the home of one of the largest organ installations in the world. The organ has in total 346 ranks, 265 stops, and 233 voices and consists of 18 divisions. Is has more than 20,000 pipes. The Great Organs speak down the Nave and Chancel and from the South and North Transept Galleries.

The organ installation consists of four (individual) organs:

  • The Seeley Wintersmith Mudd Memorial Organ (Chancel)
  • The Frank C. Noon Memorial Organ (West Gallery)
  • The Italian Division (Chancel)
  • The Holzgraf Trumpet Royale (Chancel)

All four organs have been sampled for Hauptwerk by Charles Raasch from CLR Resources.

I implemented the photorealistic screens: the elements for the new jambs were taken from original photos. I tried to mimic the original layout as close as possible. Only the rocker tabs, which are on the huge Moeller console placed in two rows above the manuals, are spread across several rows on each side: the upper row on the original console is placed on the left jamb, the lower row of the console is placed on the right jamb.

The screen resolution is 4k (3784 x 2770 and 2160 x 3840) to support future high-resolution displays, but it scales nicely down to Full HD. Anyhow, as there are so many controls, the jambs can be used best with two large screens (preferably 23 inches or larger).