Convent Church

Azzio (Italy)

This sample set is produced by Piotr Grabowski.
The extension is free, but donations to support further development are very welcome!

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Piotr Grabrowski offers a beautiful free Hauptwerk sample set of a Mascioni organ, built in 2016 for the Convent Church in Azzio Italy.

The extension adds the missing C#, extends the pedal compass from 27 to 30 keys (C-f0) and the manual compass from 51 to 56 keys (G-g3). It has a hidden switch (music deck on console screen, see below: the green rectangle indicates the clickable area), which allows to switch between the original and extended version. If the extended version is activated a tiny (Ext) appears on the organ builder plaque.

This extensions works with Hauptwerk 4 and Hauptwerk 5+.


Extension OFF

Extension ON