June 2, 2018

Version 2.5.2 fixes an issue, which was introduced with v2.5.1: the stop “Basson et Hautboix 8” on the Récit sounded only, when the coupler “Anches Récit” was engaged.

May 29, 2018

Version 2.5.1 of Aristide No. 1 fixes an issue with the Hauptwerk master couplers, where reeds were always coupled, even if the corresponding reed coupler was not engaged.

May 28, 2018

Today version 2.5.0 of Aristide No. 1 was released.

Apart from some bug fixes and voicing updates, the main changes are:

  • Extension of the manual and pedal compass to 61 and 32 keys, respectively
  • Implementation of a simple screen (see above)
  • Changing of the master coupler assignment (Man1=Div1, Man2=Div2, ...)

The full list of changes can be found in the manual, which can be downloaded with the button on the right hand side.

May 1, 2018

The website banner was created with Blender by Karl Andreas Groß from

April 28, 2018

Today version 2.0.2 of Aristide No. 1 was released.

Change log:

  • Improved swell box parameters (I would like to thank Aida de Brake for helping me to find the right parameters.)
  • Slightly improved voicing (I would like to thank Thorsten Wege for his continuous support).

February 26, 2018

After another year of programming and voicing version
2 of Aristide No. 1 is finally available. Aristide No. 1 v2 tries to bring the bombastic sound of the famous Cavaillé-Coll organ of Saint-Ouen of Rouen to Hauptwerk. The sample set tries to mimic the visual and tonal features of this fantastic organ as close as possible.

Voicing for version 2 was mainly performed by Thorsten Wege, who already voiced the highly appraised Grand Symphonic Cavaillé-Coll (GSCC) sample set. I would like to thank Thorsten for his patience. He test uncounted beta versions. We did not stop until we were fully
satisfied with the functional, optical and tonal results. Sound samples of Aristide No. 1 version 2 played by Thorsten can be found at the bottom of this page.

Aristide No. 1 v2 reduces the requirements for commercial sample sets. It requires now "only" two commercial sample sets and one demo sample set:

The Saint-Maximin sample set is not required any more, as the mixtures have been reconstructed using ranks from Caen and Metz.

Aristide No. 1 v2 is a stereo sample set, although it contains a couple of front and rear ranks. These additional ranks helped to make the sound more vivid and to create a better "cathedral feeling".

Aristide No. 1 v2 uses another UniqueOrganID as v1. This allows the installation of both versions in parallel and to compare features and sound side-by-side.

This update is free for all existing users of Aristide No. 1 v1. We hope that you like this update as much as we do. Interested people can find further information in the manual. The download link for the manual can be found on the right side.

June 1, 2016

After almost one year of hard work on the graphical interface and even more on the voicing, we proudly announce the first public release of an instrument inspired by an instrument of the late Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.

Aristide No. 1 requires the installation of the following sample sets:

Important: The ODF requires the Dom Bédos Demo sample set! If the full Dom Bédos sample set is installed, the Demo has to be installed additionally.

Lorenzo Bonoldi was the sound editor. I added the graphical interface. Lorenzo is a magician! The sound is absolutely breathtaking !!!

The installation package contains two different screen sets: one is a puristic Aristide Cavaillé-Coll console (Lorenzo's preference), the second one is some "Metzified" console (my preference, see below) with subtle color rings on all stops indicating the corresponding divisions.

Each layout provides four pages: the graphical representation of the 4-manual console (landscape), a single jamb (landscape) and left and right jambs (landscape and portrait). The resolution for all screens is 4k (2160 x 3840 or 3840 x 2160, respectively). Unfortunately, the two different layouts cannot be used at the same time. However, switching from one layout to the other is simple: it just requires that the cache is rebuilt. No MIDI programming will be lost.

Price: 99.00 EUR (incl. VAT)

(Direct Download)

Stop List

Soubasse 32'
Contre-Basse 16'
Soubasse 16'
Basse 8'
Bourdon 8'
Violoncelle 8'
Flûte 4'
Contre-Bombarde 32'
Bombarde 16'
Contre-Basson 16'
Trompette 8'
Clairon 4'
I. Positif
Montre 8'
Bourdon 8'
Gambe 8'
Unda maris 8'
Flûte douce 4'
Dulciane 4'
Doublette 2'
Plein Jeu V
Cor anglais 16'
Trompette 8'
Cromorne 8'
Clairon 4'
II. Grand-Orgue
Montre 16'
Bourdon 16'
Violonbasse 16'
Montre 8'
Diapason 8'
Flûte harmonique 8'
Bourdon 8'
Salicional 8'
Prestant 4'
Trompette en chamade 8'
Clairon en chamade 4'
III. Récit expressif
Quintaton 16'
Corno dolce 16'
Diapason 8'
Cor de nuit 8'
Flûte traversière 8'
Viole de gambe 8'
Voix céleste 8'
Voix éolienne 8'
Flûte octaviante 4'
Viole d'amour 4'
Quinte 2 2/3'
Octavin 2'
Cornet V
Carillon I-III
Tuba magna 16'
Trompette harmonique 8'
Basson-Hautbois 8'
Clarinette 8'
Voix humaine 8'
Clairon harmonique 4'
IV. Bombarde
Flûte 8'
Flûte 4'
Doublette 2'
Cornet V
Fourniture V
Bombarde 16'
Basson 16'
Trompette 8'
Clairon 4'


  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
    Single Jamb
  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
    Left Jamb Landscape
  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
    Right Jamb Landscape
  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
    Left Jamb Portrait
  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
    Right Jamb Portrait

Screenshots (Design Alternative)

  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
    Single Jamb
  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
    Left Jamb Landscape
  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
    Right Jamb Landscape
  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
    Left Jamb Portrait
  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
    Right Jamb Portrait

Screenshots (Simple Screen and About)

  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)
    Simple Screen
  • Jamb for Aristide No. 1 (St. Ouen Rouen)

Sound Samples of v1

… on YouTube played by Lorenzo Bonoldi:

Sound Samples of v2

More Sound Samples of v2

… played by Thorsten Wege:
… played by Patrick Larhant:

What Users Say ...

"After playing the Aristide sample set this last week end, I can say that it is outstanding, very close to the original Saint-Ouen organ. What a beautiful sound! It is now by far my favorite one. It sounds very authentic, perhaps the fact that the automatic tuning has been disable is for something, but the effect is there. Does this allow for natural imperfection of the organ to be feel and thus contributes to the « feel so real »? Anyway it is very alive."
"It is the first time I have the feeling to play in a very large church at home. This set is really a magnificent instrument. Tutti are impressive, details sound clears and the dynamics for the « Récit expressif » is large. The reverberation time is ok for me; the longer reverberation time for the low frequencies participates to the cathedral immersion feeling."
"This is great! I've only heard Saint-Ouen on CDs, not in person, so I don't know how close it is, but the details come through even with the large acoustic, and the detuning and wind works to give more realistic sounding choruses than most sample sets."
"Wow! I should know one can come up with a really good sound by revoicing and making a composite set .... I’m impressed. What you and your team have come up with is amazing - I enjoy both the Metz and Caen, but this composite actually sounds better than either of them.... and oddly more realistic. That’s a wonderful thing, as I’ve been wanting to have a recording instrument like this for a long time!"
"As I am an huge fan of French romantic organ music, I am really happy with the Caen and Metz sample sets. However, yesterday I discovered something new: Aristide No. 1 V2. This is a composite sample set intended to imitate the sound of the the great Aristide Cavaillé-Coll organ at Saint-Ouen in Rouen, France. I bought it, installed it, and... it is wonderfull! I was really blown away: it really sounds like Rouen. Also the console is very nice recreated, looks nice and works very smooth. I am very impressed! Highly recommended."
"I have visited the St. Ouen many times for concerts, and also have played the instrument. No organ in the world can match this truly beautiful instrument. At home, I have Hauptwerk with the sample sets Metz and Caen. Then, I discovered your composite set. It is really wonderful, and is now definitely my favorite one. The sound is so close to Rouen... So powerful, dynamic and poetric. And the disposition is perfect. I am so happy. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job!"


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