Anloo v2 Released

Today PROSPECTUM Virtual Organs published a significant update for the beautiful Anloo sample set.

Version 2 has been reprocessed from scratch. The installation package contains two impulse response files: one recorded close to the organ, the other recorded in the nave. Gernot Wurst invested loads of time to improve the tremulants (three in total — for ALL divisions, incl. Pedal). Version 2 offers six different temperaments:

  • Meantone,
  • Pythagorean,
  • Liebfrauenkirche Bremen (1641),
  • H. Kröger Langwarden (1650),
  • St. Cosmae Stade (1673), and
  • Joh. Dietrich Busch / Trinitatiskirche Jade (1739).

Moreover, version 2 offers six all-new HD screens (Console, Left Jamb, Right Jamb, Left Jamb Extended, Right Jamb Extended, About) in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Magnuskerk Anloo v2 can be used with both Hauptwerk 4 and 5.